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6th August 20
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Creative Arts Evening

On 12th March, the crowd filled the spaced-apart diagonal rows in the hall for the Creative Arts Evening.  Mr McNally announced that this evening might be the last time that we could gather in the hall for the rest of the year thanks to COVID-19 and to nevertheless enjoy the show, and enjoy it we did!
A wide range of talents were on display.  The hall seemingly transformed into the Hallé Orchestra’s theatre during Leo’s performance on his trumpet accompanied by his mum on piano.  Later, we were taken to Broadway with Saskia singing ‘On my own’ from Les Misérables.  Accompanied by Mr Fowler on guitar, Lauren sang ‘End of the World’ in Lucy Spraggan’s trademark accent and style.  Audience participation rounded off the night with an enthusiastic rendition of ‘I’m a Believer’.
Many, many other impressive performances left smiles on the audience’s faces: pianos, ukuleles, drama, rock bands, boy bands, girl bands, original compositions and contributions by the school choir.
Of course, a massive thank you goes to Miss Padwell, Mrs Garvey and all the staff who made the evening possible.  Well done to all the performers, backstage crew, sound technicians, compere, food technology pupils and of course everyone who came along for that wonderful night.
I hear that Mr Fowler will be signing autographs on the first day back – just remember to form an orderly queue two metres apart!

Christopher Kelly-Brown, (10MT)

World Book Day

Thank you to all the students and staff who helped to make this year’s World Book Day a huge success! It was great to see an array of different villainous book character costumes amongst our staff members and comfy reading attire from the students. The wonderful contributions to the bake sale also made a great contribution to the amazing total raised. Overall, we managed to raise a fantastic £400.55 which will be used to purchase new books for our school library. The students will have a whole new range of books to further their interest in reading. Well done everyone!

Mrs T Keeble, English Department

Youth Parliament Success

I would like to thank everybody who voted for me in the recent Youth Parliament elections.  With more candidates than ever before, mainly from large or private schools, it proved a challenging election.  However, All Saints’ managed to unite together and put our school on the political map as I won the election and am now the MYP (Member of Youth Parliament) for Rossendale, Ribble Valley and Hyndburn.  I am incredibly grateful for the privilege of representing local, young people and will do my best to carry out my campaign of improving sustainability and mental health.

Whilst I will be the one representing our school and the wider community, the success shows a much bigger picture; the power of community and the power that being part of a small school can have.  The other candidates will have been able to reach a much wider range of voters in larger schools, however, it was no match for All Saints’ as we all pulled together and showed the strength in our solidarity as a school!

I have attended the first meeting of The Lancashire Youth Council and met the four other MYPs from across Lancashire.   I was briefed on the upcoming events and met similar, politically minded, young people like myself.  Over the next two years, I will attend different trips including one to the House of Commons and begin the campaigns determined by the young people of Lancashire.  I have also joined a District Youth Council in the Ribble Valley.  Although, given the recent circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic meetings and trips have been postponed. 

Thank you to Miss Padwell and Mr Sexton for all the support in the campaign - we couldn’t have done it without them! The success of the election is not just my victory but the victory of our school and I would like to thank everyone again for voting.

Mairéad Graham, 10 Romero

Anne Frank Exhibition

For two weeks beginning 13th of January, fifteen students assisted with the presentation of an Anne Frank Exhibition for the rest of the school and invited Governors and primary schools to view it.  We learned all about the life of Anne Frank, as well as teamwork and public speaking.  With the help of Molly, our guide from the Anne Frank Trust, we were trained and taught how to present an exhibition to a crowd.  At first, many of us were nervous but as the days went by, our confidence grew and we were able to present our tours confidently.  One of the pupils who took part said “I have learned that I have confidence to speak in front of people”.

As well as learning all about the life of Anne Frank, we learned why Anne’s diary is still as important in today’s society.  Leoni Coyle (10MT) said “Anne Frank’s words are still relevant today as there is still suffering.  She shows how discrimination ruins so many lives”.  It really shows that although this event happened many years ago, events like this still happen today.

Ms Carsley, Assistant Headteacher, said “The Anne Frank Trust’s work with our pupils has been one of the most effective projects we have taken part in”.  It really shows the difference the exhibition has made to the school and community.  

We also delivered exhibitions to four primary schools in the Valley and that was a great experience as we also ran workshops for them (see overleaf for their thoughts).  They were really interested in the exhibition as well as learning all about how discrimination affects society today.  Amy Kelly-Brown (8R) said “No-one should ever be addressed as a number, like the Nazis did the Jews; we should be treated with respect and dignity”.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the exhibition and thank you especially to Molly from the Anne Frank Trust who helped us put the whole exhibition together.

Gracie Wilson, 8R


Amazing Grace! 


Year 11 All Saints’ pupil, Grace, has proved herself to be a well-known contributor to local charities.  She has gone beyond anyone's expectations, including her own and has raised an incredible amount of money for a charity that clearly means a lot to her.  Recently, she devoted her time and effort organising a bake sale to raise money with the huge help of fellow Year 11 pupil, Kieron Roberts.  In total, the bake sale was a huge success with £48.10 raised.

Grace also recently ran a half-marathon to raise even more money for charity.  The money raised from the bake sale will be donated alongside Grace's sponsorship money, totalling over £400!  Her determination to run an entire half-marathon paid off well with her finishing in just one hour, fourteen minutes and fifteen seconds.  All money raised will be donated to The East Lancashire Hospice.  A huge thank you to all pupils and staff that supported Grace in raising funds for her achievements.

Annika Batey, Year 11

All Saints’ Production – Alice in Wonderland!

Staff and pupils from All Saints’ Catholic High School put on a fantastic production of Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland, over two consecutive nights in November to a sell-out crowd. With a spectacular set, stunning costumes and brilliant acting by all of our pupils, the show was a truly creative and magical event.

From the distorted scale of Alice following instructions to ‘Eat me’ or ‘Drink me’ to subsequently shrinking down to diminutive size or growing to the size of a house. Sanity is questioned and debated by The Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat.

Year 11 pupil, Julia Frontowicz, playing one of the main characters - the Queen of Hearts, said "The idea of the play instantly made me want to perform.  It has been an incredible journey and a great inspiration towards my future career, the role of Queen of Hearts has truly made me feel like I own the stage, this show will forever stay in my heart."

Year 8 pupil, Gracie Wilson, played Small Alice: “I really enjoyed taking part in the school show although it was hard work – it really paid off! It took a team effort and everyone on stage and backstage worked very hard.”

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication from Miss Padwell, Curriculum Leader for Music & Performing Arts, every individual that had a role on stage and everyone else involved behind the scenes. The amount of support shown and the performance itself is now extremely memorable. Without a doubt this will be one of All Saints’ best theatrical productions. Well done everyone!

Annika Batey, Year 11

#HelloYellow for Young Minds - World Mental Health Day

On Thursday 10th October, All Saints’ took part in #HelloYellow Day to help raise vital funds for YoungMinds and show their support for World Mental Health Day. Staff dressed in yellow and donated fruit and £1 to the charity and corridors and classrooms were decorated with posters, balloons and all things yellow!  

A display was set up in the dining room with useful information and assemblies for both KS3 and KS4 took place. In the Nurture Room smoothies, milkshakes and nibbles were available for small donations along with yellow ribbons, hair ties and badges to raise money to support the fund. Non uniform day on Friday will also go towards supporting this charity. Special thanks to Miss Starkie and the Year 11 girls for all of their support and time. Thank you everyone for your support!

Miss L Weir, Learning Mentor

Alder Grange Drone Day Competition!

On 20th May, five of us went to a Drone Competition at Alder Grange.  We were split into two groups, a boys’ group and a girls’ group. 

There were many challenges including a bullseye landing which the girls won.  Others included an aerobatic task and one what involved drawing a shape in the air.  There was also a hacking challenge.

The girls won a few categories along with girls from BRGS as well.  Mr Mayes became quite competitive throughout the day! 

Thank you to former All Saints’ student Willem Barlow who coached us before the competition.  We learnt so much and enjoyed the day very much!

Ruby Wilson (9MT), Caitlin Molloy (9MT) and Leoni Coyle (9MT)

Lenten Valley Mass

On Wednesday 27th March we celebrated our Lenten Valley Mass.  All the Catholic schools met together in the school hall and were joined by Canon McBride, Fr Boast, Fr McGrane and Fr Broadley.  We were welcomed by Our Lady and St Anselm's; pupils from All Saints', St James the Less and St Mary's Haslingden led us in the Liturgy of the Word; St Veronica's led us in our bidding prayers; St Mary's Bacup led the offertory; St Peter's shared a lovely post-communion reflection and St Joseph's (featuring Mrs Starkie) sang a beautiful rendition of 'Our God is a Great Big God'!

The Pupil Chaplains from each school had created canvases of the Stations of the Cross.  We now have a full set which will travel round the Valley schools each Lent.  This symbolises that we are all part of a worshipping Catholic community and all worked together to create something unique.  Thank you to all who took part in the Mass and thank you for all the hard work in creating such beautiful canvases. 

People may not look forward to Lent.  Childhood memories of giving up sweets or sitting through weekly Stations of the Cross might immediately come to mind.  Words like “sacrifice,” “discipline,” and “self-denial” are often used in ways that suggest that Lent is something to be endured rather than a time of grace and spiritual growth. 

Perhaps we should think of Lent as an annual second chance.  Each year the Church gives us six weeks to take a long, loving look at our lives to see if our values and priorities are in line with God’s desires for us.  Since most of us may find that sometimes we have wandered from God’s path, Lent becomes the second chance to reconcile ourselves to God and allow us to “return to God with our whole heart,” Book of Joel. 

Wishing you all a happy and Holy Lent and Easter from the RE Department.

Mr A Sidlow
Curriculum Leader of Religious Studies

New York Trip

On Tuesday, 19th February around fifty All Saints’ students and six teachers went to New York for four days.  After meeting in the early hours of the morning we got a coach down to London Heathrow airport for the eight hour flight to John F Kennedy airport, New York.

On arriving, we went straight to our Hotel in Manhattan and later went out for tea in the famous Bubba Gumps restaurant.  Although we were tired we decided to go out shopping in Times Square that night to take in the sights.  The next day we went out for breakfast at a local buffet place.  Then we got on the subway and saw lots of different people and went to the 9/11 memorial and museum, which was very sad but important to hear about the terrible events that happened. After, we were allowed to spend the afternoon by ourselves and go out shopping and have free time.  Later that day it started snowing for a short period of time.  That night we walked to China town for tea.

On the third day we went to different nearby places for breakfast.  After that, we went on a boat on the Hudson River and saw the Statue of Liberty.  We went back to the hotel and got our lunch in nearby places and then after that went to the Empire State Building and went to the top, it was a clear day and the views were amazing!  For tea we went to an American BBQ restaurant.  At night we went shopping. 

After our last night at the hotel we packed up our things and left them in a room.  After breakfast, we went to Central Park - it was amazing as so many films and TV shows had been filmed there. While some just walked around the park, others went ice-skating in the centre.  Then we got our things and headed back to JFK for a shorter flight to Manchester airport and arrived at school at about 9am. 

Thank you to all the teachers for giving up their time: Ms Hill, Miss Laverty, Mr Parkes, Mr Mayes, Mr Briggs and Mr O’Sullivan and thank you to the PTA for donating money for our trip hoodies.

Mairead Graham, 9 Romero