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Curriculum Vision

The mission statement of our school states that;


School Mission:
All pupils will be taught the Catholic faith focused on “Let Your Light Shine” through the expectation of excellence in everything we do.


‘All Saints’ is a school where the Catholic faith is taught, lived and celebrated.
We will educate the whole person spiritually, morally and intellectually.
We will embrace Catholic values in all that we do and in all our relationships.
We will identify and cater for the individual pupil’s needs and prepare them for
responsible participation in society.
Our aim is to follow Christ’s teaching. As found in the Gospels, in everything that we do.’


The curriculum at All Saints’ Catholic High School will provide all pupils with an ambitious and academic learning experience that builds knowledge and develops skills to nurture their God-given talents to ensure that all ‘SHINE’. The curriculum will be planned coherently and will be sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills allowing all pupils to progress to aspirational post-16 destinations and beyond.


The curriculum will weave through the academic foundations and provide pupils with a solid grounding in the Catholic ethos of the school (see Mission Statement above), British Values, PSHE, wellbeing and our core values of Luceat Lux Vestra (Let Your Light Shine).
The curriculum will be enhanced by an extra-curricular programme which supports all pupils in growing into well-rounded individuals with respect for the common good, as mandated by our Catholic faith. Our intention to provide as many opportunities and experiences for our pupils will be reflected in our enrichment curriculum.


The curriculum aims to bring about an enjoyment of learning and promote a sense of achievement.  It also contributes to pupils’ behaviour and welfare; including their physical, mental and personal wellbeing, safety, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.