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GCSE Results

Summer 2022 Exam Results


When are results available?

Results for all Summer 2022 GCSE, Cambridge Nationals, BTEC and V Certs qualifications will be available by the corresponding examination boards (AQA, Pearson, OCR, WJEC/Eduqas and NCFE) on the following date.


  • Thursday 25th August 2022



How do I receive my results?

Pupils should arrange to come into school from 10:00am to collect your Results Day envelope, which will contain your Statement of Results and other useful information.


If you are unavailable to collect your results in person, you may arrange for a family member or close friend to collect the results on your behalf. In such cases, the individual will need to identify themselves, and bring a written proof that this arrangement has been made. When collecting the results, school will also ask for documentation to be signed to acknowledge this process.



V Certs – Level 1 and 2 Technical Award in Business and Enterprise Qualification

The NCFE examination board are not releasing these results until Results Day (Thursday 25th August) and this can be anytime up to 5:00pm.


If the results are released early in the day, the result will be included in your Results Day envelope. However please bare in mind, if this is not the case, we will communicate this result to you as soon as feasible possible after Results Day. Unfortunately, this situation is out of the control of school.



Questions about Results

If you have any questions regarding your results, members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), most Curriculum Leaders and teachers will be present to speak to on the day. Miss Laverty (Year 11 Progress Leader) will also be present to assist. The potential for reviews of marking can also be discussed.



Post-Results Services

The examinations boards do provide post-results services. This being:

  • Clerical re-check
  • Review or marking
  • Moderation review
  • Access to scripts




  • All post-results services have to be processed and submitted to examination boards through the school.
  • If you have any queries regarding your results, please contact school in the first instance, and as soon as possible so that curriculum leaders can see whether you have a feasible chance of a remark by seeing if your mark is close to the next highest-grade boundary.
  • It is very important to realise that grade protection does not apply to any remarks. This means pupil marks and grades may be LOWERED, CONFIRMED or RAISED as a result.




The deadline for all post-results services is: THURSDAY 29th September 2022.



When will I receive my Exam Certificates?

Certificates for summer exams are issued to us from the examination boards approximately three months after Results Day (Thursday 25th August).


We will arrange a Presentation Evening approximately towards the end of November / start of December 2022 when you will be able to come into school and officially collect your certificates. Information relating to this evening will be sent out in due course in the Autumn term.



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Useful Websites




AQA Exam Board:


Pearson Exam Board:


OCR Exam Board:


WJEC / Eduqas Board:





We will keep you updated on all new developments. Please keep regularly checking the school website for updates