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Creative Arts Evening

On 12th March, the crowd filled the spaced-apart diagonal rows in the hall for the Creative Arts Evening.  Mr McNally announced that this evening might be the last time that we could gather in the hall for the rest of the year thanks to COVID-19 and to nevertheless enjoy the show, and enjoy it we did!
A wide range of talents were on display.  The hall seemingly transformed into the Hallé Orchestra’s theatre during Leo’s performance on his trumpet accompanied by his mum on piano.  Later, we were taken to Broadway with Saskia singing ‘On my own’ from Les Misérables.  Accompanied by Mr Fowler on guitar, Lauren sang ‘End of the World’ in Lucy Spraggan’s trademark accent and style.  Audience participation rounded off the night with an enthusiastic rendition of ‘I’m a Believer’.
Many, many other impressive performances left smiles on the audience’s faces: pianos, ukuleles, drama, rock bands, boy bands, girl bands, original compositions and contributions by the school choir.
Of course, a massive thank you goes to Miss Padwell, Mrs Garvey and all the staff who made the evening possible.  Well done to all the performers, backstage crew, sound technicians, compere, food technology pupils and of course everyone who came along for that wonderful night.
I hear that Mr Fowler will be signing autographs on the first day back – just remember to form an orderly queue two metres apart!