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Friday 11/02/2022: Non-Uniform Day

On Friday 11th February pupils and staff are invited to come to school in non-uniform clothes, and to donate a £1 to the charity 'Bags for Strife', who support families dealing with suicide.


Find out more at:


Donate online at:


'Worlds were torn apart in a way that so many people experience when they lose someone they love, but what became clear was that when you are bereaved by suicide it comes with its own unique experiences and feelings.

Feelings of Blame Anger Guilt and Sadness are constant and recurring for us and our nearest and dearest.

So the idea for support kits, or BAGS, specifically for those bereaved by suicide was born to provide solace, support, reassurance and practical advice in the aftermath of a loss through suicide.

Often any advice given is when those affected aren't able to process the information they end up needing the most –the BAGS will be there when people need them; weeks, months or years later.'