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Grocery Vouchers for School Holidays

The Government gives money to local councils to support households who would otherwise struggle with food bills, and to organise holiday & food programmes for school aged (4 - 16 year old) free-school-meals registered children.


For the past few years Lancashire County Council have been able to use some of this funding to provide £15 per-week grocery vouchers to the families of pupils from  Reception - Year 11 during school holidays. 


Lancashire County Council have asked schools to order & administer the vouchers through EdenRed. Families will automatically receive the voucher codes by email and Lancashire County Council will be responsible for paying the invoices. Please note that the school has no discretion over the eligibility for, or value of, the vouchers.


Lancashire County Council have confirmed that approval has been granted for schools to utilise the Lancashire County Council EdenRed account to cover and order summer holiday vouchers for the benefit-eligible Free School Meals pupils.
This extends to all benefit-eligible school-aged children from Reception to Year 11. 

Each eligible pupil should be issued with the equivalent of £90 in vouchers to cover the summer holiday period. This equates to an allocation of £15 per week for the six week over the summer holiday period.


All Saints' will organise these summer holiday vouchers, to be emailed to eligible pupils' families on Tuesday 19th July 2022.


Lancashire County Council have also written to schools to ask us to direct eligible families to the Holiday Activities And Food Programme (HAF) website.