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Headteacher Letter - School Expectations

14th December 2021


Dear Parent/Carer,


Thank you for your support in maintaining our high standards and expectations. It is important that we continue with the same drive in our second term. As a parent or carer, you are your child’s first and most important teacher. 


Many pupils struggled during the lockdown and we are finding that we need to provide tailored support to help a variety of issues. Now that they are back into the routine of school we need to reinforce the right behaviours in our pupils, so that they can be successful. Both parents and teachers want the same thing for our children - the best possible education. When we all work together we make a strong team. 


Here are some ideas for helping the school do a better job:

  • See that your child attends school regularly.
  • Monitor your child’s subject books and homework.
  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline. Try to establish clear, consistent rules for behaviour at home.  This helps pupils adjust to specific rules for the classroom or school.
  • Be aware of what your child is learning in school.
  • Let the Form Tutor know if your child has any problems outside of school that might affect his or her schoolwork.
  • If you have any concerns or questions do share them with us.


The conduct we want in all our pupils:

  • To arrive in school and to all lessons on time and in full uniform, worn correctly. Pupils are ambassadors of the school and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards we seek to achieve.  The uniform should be smart with all items clearly marked with your child’s name. 
  • Always respond positively to instructions from members of staff.
  • Must be mindful to always give respect to others as you would want to receive it.
  • Must not do, or say anything that makes others feel unsafe or threatened.
  • Must be equipped and ready to learn.
  • Must work to the best of their ability and must not distract themselves or others.
  • Must develop their personal resilience by:
  • Accepting that they will mistakes and that things won’t always go their way.
  • Co-operating and compromising so as to seek other solutions to the situations or problems.
  • Always keep trying and never give up.
  • Always be prepared to accept responsibility for their choices, apologise and be reconciled.


In light of the government guidance, we are looking at our current policy on mobile phones and at the cost of our uniform. In the newsletter there is a link to a survey on mobile phone usage. Could you spend time completing this.


We appreciate your support in this matter and should you have any concerns, please contact the school.


Yours sincerely,


Mr B McNally

Head teacher