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World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March

The theme of this year’s World Book Day is Bedtime Reading.  We are asking students of all year groups to get involved and come to school wearing suitable pyjamas, onesies and dressing gowns.  We are asking for a £1 donation from participating students towards buying new books for school to promote and encourage a love of reading.  If your child does not want to wear their pyjamas (no sweat pants or hoodies), please ensure they attend in full school uniform. 

We are hoping, with your support, to encourage students to put down their phones at the end of the day and relax with a book.  This allows the mind to relax and aids a better night’s sleep away from the stimulation of social media.

We are also holding a bake sale on the day to help us celebrate and would be grateful for any donations which must be nut free as we have a number of students with severe nut allergies.  If your child would like to partake of these sweet treats, they will need a small amount of money on the day.

Happy reading from all at All Saints’