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Year 10 and 11 'exam' (assessment) results will be released on THURSDAY 12TH AUGUST 2021.


Results will be emailed to PUPILS' SCHOOL EMAIL ADDRESSES at about 8.30am on Thursday. (Give it a few minutes to come through though.)


There will NOT be a facility to provide results in person or by telephone.


We ask that NO PUPILS OR PARENTS/ CARERS COME TO SCHOOL without a pre-arranged appointment, as there may not be anyone available to speak to them.


We recommend that pupils check that they can log into to their school emails in advance of Thursday, and if they have difficulty to email us at, or leave a message on our switchboard answerphone (01706 213 693), and a member of staff will contact them to assist.


There will be limited staff on-site on Thursday 12th August, so if any pupils or parents/ carers would like to speak to someone we ask that you email us at, or leave a message on our switchboard answerphone (01706 213 693), and we will arrange for a member of the Senior Leadership Team to contact you.