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Nominated Governors

Nominated Governors



Chair of Governors – Jonathan Tomlinson

Safeguarding, online safety, prevent – CoG – Jonathan Tomlinson

Quality Assurance (Curriculum) – Chair of the QofE Committee - Martyn Loynd

Quality Assurance (Curriculum) – a member of the QofE Committee

Pupil Outcomes (Pupil Premium, SEN, Higher Ability) - Rachel Tomlinson

Pupil Outcomes (Pastoral & spiritual) – TBC when appointed, Fr Damien Louden

Finance – CoG – Jonathan Tomlinson

Facilities and Health and Safety - Jonathan Tomlinson

Personnel and Wellbeing – Rachael Wilson

Information Governance – a member of the Resources Committee

Governor Training (Link) – any governor

Careers – Arthur Marriott



The nominated governor’s role is to act as a source of support to the school and a source of information for the governing body.



To meet with key staff to develop knowledge and understanding of the school’s processes and procedures, in order to share this knowledge with the FGB by means of reports.