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Resources Committee

Resources Committee



The committee shall consist of 7 members of the governing body.

The headteacher is, ex-officio, a member of the committee.

The committee will elect a chair from within its own membership or the governing body will elect the chair of the committee.

Non-voting participants may be invited to meetings by the committee as and when required.

The committee shall have such associate members, non-voting, as the governing body shall appoint. The committee may make recommendations for these appointments.

The membership of the committee shall be reviewed and determined annually by the governing body.

The governing body will appoint a clerk to the committee, who will not be another governor.



All members of the LGB.



Mr D Graham, Deputy Headteacher

Ms C Gillies, School Business Manager






The quorum shall be either the Chair or Vice Chair of governors, plus a minimum of 3 other governors, including the headteacher, and excluding any associate members.



The clerk to the committee shall be responsible for convening meetings of the committee. Procedures of any meetings held must be minuted and these minutes presented for the next meeting of the governing body.

The committee shall meet at least once a term and otherwise as required.



To tale overall responsibility for finance, personnel, premises and health and safety matters, making recommendations to the FGB based on review and challenge of reports from senior leaders.

Delegated authority to approve for relevant (listed) policies.



Responsibilities for Personnel

  • To review and adopt policies relating to Personnel matters.
  • In conjunction with the headteacher, to draw up a staffing structure and to review it annually.
  • To delegate to the headteacher all provision of supply cover of under one term's duration.
  • To ensure that all the procedures relating to the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff are in place and that they are kept under review following any changes in legislation.
  • To recommend that more than one governor undertakes the Safeguarding Training.
  • To ensure that all procedures for the appointment of teaching staff and key support staff are carried out, in accordance with agreed arrangements and to delegate to the headteacher and one committee member the appointment of all other support staff.
  • To check that the arrangements for staff appraisal (performance management) are in place and being implemented.
  • Review annually the unit total of the school and the effect, if any on the ISR.
  • To ensure that consultations take place as required (eg over pay policy) with all staff or with recognised trade unions.
  • To ensure that appropriate job descriptions are in place.
  • To ensure that the school is staffed sufficiently for the fulfilment of the school‘s development plan and the effective operation of the school.
  • To establish and oversee the operation of the school's Appraisal Policy - including the arrangements and operation of the school's appraisal procedures for the Headteacher.
  • To establish a Pay Policy for all categories of staff.
  • To be responsible for the administration and review of the Pay Policy.


Note. The appointment of a headteacher or deputy headteacher is not a function of this committee.


Responsibilities for Finance

  • To provide guidance and assistance to the headteacher and the governing body on all financial issues.
  • To recommend to the governing body internal financial regulations for the financial management of the school in accordance with guidance issued by the Authority.
  • To consider budget plans presented by the headteacher and to make recommendations to the governing body for approval.
  • To consider budget monitoring reports relating to all public funds (ie school budget share and any other funds delegated and devolved by the LA) and make recommendations to the governing body.
  • To consider and monitor the impact of the Pupil Premium funding and to ensure that online information is published about how it has been used. This will ensure that parents and others are made fully aware of the attainment of pupils covered by the Premium.
  • To approve virements between budget headings where the value is in excess of the sum delegated to the headteacher under the school's internal financial regulations.
  • To consider and adopt policies relating to all finance matters, including those relating to charges and remissions, lettings and income.
  • To contribute to the school’s development plan and ensure it includes consideration of the longer term resource requirements of the school.
  • To consider the appropriate level of reserves and balances bearing in mind guidance produced by the Authority.
  • To review and approve audit reports and other relevant reports.
  • To consider appropriate arrangements to attain/continue to meet the Schools
  • Financial Value Standard in Schools (SFVS).
  • To consider and advise on any financial matter referred to it by the governing
  • body.
  • To respond, on behalf of the governing body, to any consultations relating to the
  • Scheme of Delegation or the Funding of Schools.


Responsibilities for Resources

  • To exercise delegated responsibility for the condition, repair, extension or alteration of premises.
  • To inspect annually the premises and grounds and prepare a statement of priorities for maintenance and development for the approval of the governing body.
  • To advise the governing body on major projects deemed to be necessary or appropriate.
  • To work with relevant partners and consultants to ensure that new buildings and improvements, as agreed with the governing body, are progressed and where appropriate that the payments are made.
  • To be mindful of the requirements of the Equalities Act.
  • To monitor and review Site Security.
  • Support the school to develop its communication strategies and website


Health and Safety

  • To promote co-operation between all employees at the school to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work place for staff, pupils and visitors.
  • To monitor, review and amend school health and safety policy arising from Health & Safety legislation and advice from the LA, DfE and HSE.
  • To ensure the school complies with health and safety regulations, including that a regular audit of risk assessment is undertaken and to take action where necessary.
  • To monitor accident reports and fire drills.
  • To undertake a risk assessment exercise and review and update regularly.
  • To establish Health & Safety priorities to be included in the School Improvement/ Development and Finance Plan.
  • To ensure that arrangements are in place for the dissemination of health and safety information to all building users, including staff, pupils and visitors.
  • To review the school's health and safety policy as and when required and to advise, along with the headteacher, the governing body with regard to its compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • To monitor accident reporting and fire drills and where appropriate recommend and take advice on remedial action.
  • To examine safety inspection reports and to make recommendations where remedial action is required.




  • To  provide support and guidance for the governing body and the headteacher on all matters relating to the maintenance and development of the premises and grounds, including Health and Safety.
  • To ensure that an annual inspection of the premises and grounds takes place and a report is received identifying any issues.
  • To inform the governing body of the report and set out a proposed order of priorities for maintenance and development, for the approval of the governing body.
  • To arrange professional surveys and emergency work as necessary.
  • The headteacher is authorised to commit expenditure without the prior approval of the committee in any emergency where delay would result in further damage or present a risk to the health and safety of pupils or staff. In this event the headteacher would normally be expected to consult the committee chair at the earliest opportunity.
  • To create a project committee where necessary to oversee any major developments.
  • To establish and keep under review an Accessibility Plan and a Building Development Plan