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Staff Well Being

All Saints’ Well Being Strategy


The leaders of All Saints' acknowledge the intense challenges that education staff have experienced in recent years, and are developing an All Saints’ Well Being Strategy.


Elements of this strategy include increasing support available for staff who are 'in crisis', and developing a library of well being resources for the use of the whole staff community.


Below are links to some of these resources.

In-house Support


In school you can speak in confidence to your line-manager, SLT line-manager, or the School Business Manager.  If you feel that it would be better to speak to someone within the Trust but outside of School, the SBM can refer you to our Trust HR Manager, Carla. 


We can support you through whatever is going on either through active listening; an individual support plan (IRAMP), or a refer you for additional support elsewhere. 


From school we can refer you for bespoke services through our occupational health department, such as physiotherapy, counselling, or CBT.

More information about what services are available is on the Schools' Portal:, or the SBM can provide an emailed/ printed copy.



All Saints' have partnered with RJ8 to provide staff and their families with a range of support services, from counselling to finance and legal advice.


RJ8 say:


Mental Health Cover for all employees?
That is our core work. We offer unlimited counselling to all members of staff, including 24 hour support lines for legal, financial, medical, family and management help. Good mental health doesn't just start and end with counselling. Great mental health involves a whole solution support package.
We never want your staff to feel they're just a number, contacting just another call centre. We make sure all your employees feel important and get to know our in house team through various onboarding solutions.


We will never say 'no'. Every time someone picks up a phone or emails us to ask for help, we will always provide a solution. Even if it is outside of our remit, we work with some incredible individuals and companies who are ready, able and want to help.


Staff can log in to the RJ8 Portal below. or 

Able Futures


Our Trust has also partnered with Able Futures, a confidential, self-referral mental health support service for anybody who is experiencing poor mental health or wellbeing which is affecting you in work.  


You can access up to 9 months of 1-2-1 support within 30 days of referral, from a dedicated mental health professional via telephone, email and MS Teams. 


Able Futures are there to listen to you and to give advice, guidance, and support, whatever is on your mind: there is no waiting list and you can apply online or by calling 0800 321 3137.   


If you are experiencing issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, or stress, or are struggling to deal with problems such as debt, disrupted sleep or relationship breakdowns that may be affecting your mental health, Able Futures can help you build resilience, tackle issues, feel better and learn new ways to manage your mental health throughout the ups and downs of life.   

Find out more at


Contact details for Able Futures: 

Freephone 0800 321 3137 (8am to 10.30pm, Monday to Friday) 

Website - 

Email -  

Education Support Services


If you would prefer independent support Education Support Services offer a free support service available by telephone, text or email. 


'No matter what you’re going through, we’re always here for you, day or night, all the time. Call us. You'll feel better. 

In these unprecedented times we are here for you. No matter what you’re feeling, our free, confidential helpline is always here 24/7. Night or day, our trained counsellors are here to listen to you without judgement and help you find a way forward, whatever your worries or concerns and feel better. 

Our helpline is free and available to all serving and retired teachers, lecturers and staff in education (primary, secondary, further or higher education) in England, Wales and Scotland 24/7, 365 days a year.' 


Contact details for Education Support Services: 

UK-wide: 08000 562 561 day or night 

Txt: 07909 341229 (answered within 24 hours) 


Free advice, resources, and helpline:  


Let's Keep Talking

Social Media

Recommended Reading

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World, by Mark Williams and Danny Penman


Look inside the book on Amazon:


Free meditations for the book are on the book's website:

The Self-Care Project: How to let go of frazzle and make time for you, by Jayne Hardy.


Look inside the book on Amazon:

Time Management Resources


We have so many demands on our time at the moment that it can be easy to feel swamped and feel like all you do it jump from email to crisis to phone call to...

Time management sounds like a mystical beast - I don't have any time, how can I manage it?!

I would like everyone to take a short time-out from your day, have a beverage of choice, and consider whether a spring-clean of your time management would be beneficial.

This document collates some ideas gathered from past managers, management theory and the good ol' internet - I hope they will help!