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Year 11 Transition

Summer 2021 Assessment

Click the link below to read the Headteacher's Letter and Year 11 Booklet on Year 11 Exams page.

Year 11 Leavers' Prom

Year 11 Prom Cancellation Letter

Year 11 Prom Cancellation, supplementary note from Mr McNally:


Thank you for your further email asking about hosting the Year 11 Prom at school, or at a later date.


Mr McNally and Ms Keeble have considered the available options carefully in light of the ongoing government guidance, and at this point we cannot make such arrangements for the following reasons:


The ongoing guidance is that curricular activities and extra-curricular activities must abide by strict guidelines on mixing and distancing, as well as mask wearing and strict controls on seating plans and groupings - in order to contact-trace in the event of a positive COVID-19 case.


In addition, the government has issued guidance against music, dancing & singing in an entertainment environment, which may apply to extra-curricular activities hosted by schools.


Given that the nature of a Prom would be to enable pupils and staff to mix freely, and to have music and entertainment, it would be very difficult to enable the event to run at school whilst ensuring that the government guidance is being be followed.

Further, should one of the attendees develop COVID-19, then all attendees would be required to self-isolate as it would be impossible to identify close-contacts - and this would have a significant impact on the whole school's pupils and staff.


If the event was to be rearranged to after 19th July - when it is hoped the restrictions may have relaxed - the school would be closed and staff would not be available to organise or support its running, and there would continue to be a possibility of its cancellation due to coronavirus.


The school does intend to host an Awards Evening for Year 11 in the Autumn Term, and if at all possible this will be a social as well as formal event when pupils and staff can come together to celebrate.


Finally, Mr McNally advises that parents may wish to contact and join the Friends Of All Saints', in order to work together to arrange a future external event for our ex- Year 11s.

Year 11 Prom Passport

Prom tickets can be bought through our School Shop, by following the link below.

The deadline for purchasing tickets is 12.00noon on Tuesday 8th June 2021.

Year 11 Hoodies