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200 Club

Make a Positive Contribution to your School

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About our 200 Club

The 200 Club is one of the main fund raisers for FOAS. The money we raise goes to support your child with financial support to the school, for events and equipment which the school's budget can't afford

200 Club prizes

Members of the club are allocated a number for a monthly draw as a cost of £4 per month by Standing Order.

The monthly prizes are:
1st Prize - £50
2nd Prize - £25
3rd Prize - £10

Members can have more than one number if they wish by increasing the value of their Standing Orders accordingly.

Previous financial support to the school

  • In the recent past FOAS have paid for:
  • Coaches for trips and events - e.g. Hearts and Voices in Blackburn
  • End of Year 11 Leavers Prom.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award equipment for participants, including Hiking boots, rucksacks, waterproof clothing
  • Support with the running costs of the Minibus used for sports matches
  • Music Department curriculum material support

We are currently raising money to get the old tennis courts back into use with new fencing and resurfacing.

Please join our club by handing your completed form to a FOAS member or reception at school and set up your Standing Order                                   

Thank You

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200 Club Winners!



February 2024

£50 R Belshaw

January 2024

£50 M Greenhalgh

December 2023

£50 M Astin   

November 2023

£50 Hannah Laverty

October 2023

£50 Sonia Stuart


£50 Maggie Walker


£50 Dominika Stanczyk-Ropiak

£10 Sonia Stuart

£5 A. Marriott

May 2023

Robert Belshaw £50

Helen Thornton£10

Nikkita Thompson £5

April 2023

Noel Hoyle £50

Martin Loynd £10

Terry Briggs £5