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Business & Enterprise

The Business and enterprise curriculum at All Saints’ Catholic High School will provide all pupils with an ambitious and academic learning experience that builds knowledge and develops skills to nurture their God-given talents to ensure that all “SHINE”. The curriculum will be planned coherently and will be sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills, allowing all pupils to progress to aspirational post-16 destinations and beyond.

The curriculum will weave through the academic foundations and provide pupils with a solid grounding in the Catholic ethos of the school (see Mission Statement above), British Values, PSHE, wellbeing and our core values of Luceat Lux Vestra. The curriculum will be enhanced by an extracurricular programme which supports all pupils in growing into well-rounded individuals with respect for the common good, as mandated by our Catholic faith. Our intention to provide as many opportunities and experiences for our pupils will be reflected in our enrichment curriculum.

The Business & Enterprise curriculum will be designed around the following five areas:

  • Knowledge (and skills) - explicit teaching of knowledge and skills
  • Vocabulary - explicit teaching of tier two and three vocabulary
  • Sequenced two-year continuum - pupils will experience a sequential and gradually more challenging academic curriculum through their two years at All Saints’
  • Memory, recall and cognition - pupils will be exposed to metacognition strategies and how to improve long-term memory
  • Reliable assessment - this will be formative and summative over the two-year continuum.


The intent of the course is to instil a sense of entrepreneurial spirit and give pupils practical skills to engage within the business world. The course has been designed with enterprise at the forefront, enthusing pupils to develop their confidence in business and their personal cultural capital, with the hope of operating successfully in a corporate environment. All pupils will go on to work within or own an organisation; completing this course will allow pupils to understand, appreciate and react to decisions that are made throughout their careers. It is distinct from GCSE Business Studies, as it encourages the learner to use knowledge and practical enterprise tools to prepare them for business. They will develop significant personal and vocational business skills that can be transferred to further study or employment. This qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to business and enterprise that includes a vocational and project-based element.

The qualification will appeal to learners who wish to pursue a career in the business and enterprise sector or progress to further study in: Accounting, Accounting and Business, Business Administration, Business and Enterprise, Customer Service, Operations or Business Support


Work is assessed throughout KS4. The two-year course consists of two components; internal synoptic assessment (60%) and External Examination (40%). The curriculum provides students with the opportunities to:

  • Engage in practical work which allows them to explore their own ideas and solve real life problems.
  • Develop their knowledge, understanding and ability.
  • Develop their design skills using a range of materials and technologies.
  • See their teachers modelling best practice and learn from this.
  • Develop skills of self-reflection.
  • Study the work of different entrepreneurs.
  • Develop their cultural understanding and their influence and importance on the modern world.


The impact of our curriculum will be evidenced by:

  • Our student’s work and their progress in their practical work.
  • The progress and attainment of students at Level 2.