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  • To teach pupils computational thinking, ICT and Computer science through a balanced curriculum designed to appeal to both boys and girls.
  • To develop a deep understanding by delivering a spiral curriculum where topics are revisited in subsequent years with the opportunity to build on knowledge and skills previously developed.
  • To provide opportunities during each year to enable pupils to extend their learning in a variety of contexts and to develop links between the theoretical and practical elements of the course. For example, creating sound files for use in Modern Languages in Y7 and the creation of a Maths calculator in the Y8 programming unit.
  • To teach pupils to be responsible users and creators of resources both in and out of school by using a range of resources across a wide range of contexts.
  • To teach pupils to be problem solvers and be able to respond positively to changes in society both in terms of technological developments and in terms of current national concerns.
  • To introduce pupils to a range of computer systems, both dedicated and embedded, in order to increase their digital literacy. This will increase their opportunities for the future.
  • To enable pupils to use and evaluate a range of digital technologies, both new and unfamiliar, and encourage the use of all the technology available to them. It is our aim that pupils will become responsible creators of information and users of communication technologies.