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Our intention is that we will provide all pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed at each stage of their learning and for life beyond All Saints’. We aspire for our pupils to use grammatical structures and a range of linguistic devices in order to successfully communicate to a variety of audiences both formally and informally. This is especially significant following the global pandemic and the literacy challenges this has brought. At All Saints’ we particularly aspire to allow pupils from all backgrounds access to a wide range of challenging texts and insights into other cultures which they otherwise would not have access to. Reading for pleasure is an imperative element of the curriculum.

The English curriculum will be designed around the following five areas:

  • Knowledge and skills - We will explicitly teach necessary knowledge and skills in reading, writing and speaking in order to prepare learners for the outside world. We will teach reading skills in inference, deduction, synthesis, comparison, evaluation, analysis and exploration. We will teach writing skills in sentence construction, spelling, structuring, using linguistic devices, creativity, register and tone.
  • Vocabulary - We will explicitly teach tier two and three vocabulary as outlined in the curriculum map and corporate slides for each lesson. Classroom displays will primarily focus upon ambitious vocabulary which will be a verbal and written focus for all pupils.
  • Sequenced five year continuum: In English, pupils will experience a sequential and gradually more challenging academic curriculum through their five years at All Saints’. We have developed a wider breadth of study at Key Stage 3 which also adheres to the requirements as outlined in the National Curriculum.
  • Memory, recall and cognition – A baseline assessment at the start of the academic year will identify learning needs exposed because of the pandemic. Through “Five a Day” each lesson, pupils will be using long and short term memory. Homework and the use of knowledge organisers will also support metacognition. Explicitly taught skills in spelling, grammar and punctuation will be the focus for home learning. Following this therapy, pupils will be tested in class.
  • Reliable assessment - this will be formative and summative over the five-year continuum. Staff focus upon improving the accuracy of assessments and standardise regularly during regular training sessions.