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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department at All Saints’ is there to help all pupils’ access the curriculum, enjoy school, engage in their learning and make their expected level of progress during each school year.

At All Saints’ we believe that all pupils are unique and have a ‘special educational need’ whether identified or not. The term ‘special needs’ can be applied to all pupils irrespective of ability, including gifted children.

The types of support available are varied and are specific and personalised to each pupil. Some pupils may need short-term intervention whilst others with more complex needs require more long-term packages.

We run a large and successful Learning Support Department which comprises 9 staff. A key development in recent years has been the allocation, where possible, of subject specific Teaching Assistants. The benefits of this approach has been better subject knowledge to help the pupils and better working partnerships between the support staff and teachers.

We are also able to over small-group classes for literacy and numeracy where appropriate and can offer more realistic KS4 courses for certain pupils. We also run specialist classes in dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism and literacy needs.

We are firm believers at All Saints’ that the closer we can work in partnership with parents, the better support we can provide for our pupils and the evidence shows that they are able to make more progress. All pupils and parents are heavily involved in all target setting and reviews which are held each term with the intention that everybody understands what is expected to make sufficient progress. We also hold dedicated ‘SEN surgeries’ in the evening where parents can arrive at school without an appointment to discuss and issues and get them resolved.

If you would like any extra information or a discussion about our SEN provision then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with school