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Through the exploration of the world around us and the harnessing of their natural curiosity, we aim to empower young people to discover why the universe is the way it is.  We intend to instil the fascination of discovery in our students, as well as opening their eyes to the idea that through knowledge of processes, methods and concepts, they too can answer the big questions we will face in the future.

Our curriculum offers academic rigour to all pupils allowing them opportunities without boundaries. We develop, over 5 years of comprehensive study, individuals that can demonstrate scientific thinking, articulate their ideas and evaluate their findings.

Through enrichment, and extra-curricular activities, we will enable pupils to see the vast opportunities within science beyond the school laboratory. By understanding the skills of investigation, analysis and collaboration we will prepare our students for whichever direction their future careers take them. Subject curriculum will be designed around the following areas:

  • Redesigned catch up curriculum mapping in order to compensate for lost learning during pandemic.
  • Academic, rigorous curriculum.
  • Spiral 5-year curriculum with clear distinction between KS3 and KS4
  • Builds on KS2 big ideas and links to KS4.
  • Use of enrichment and extracurricular to inspire the spirit of discovery in our pupils.
  • Based on Rosenshine’s principles of:
    • Recall
    • Questioning
    • Scaffolding
    • Modelling
    • Vocabulary